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Do you want to increase your Sales and Profitability with Facebook ads?

With precision and efficiency, I connect brands with their ideal audiences through groundbreaking Facebook & Instagram ads, reaching new potential customers globally. My dedicated and hardworking approach ensures results-based relationships, striving for excellence in every campaign. If you're looking to market your business effectively with Facebook ads, partner with me—a Meta marketing specialist committed to doing justice to your business and fostering long-lasting client relationships
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My Meta Ads service (formerly known as Facebook ads) helps you conquer the digital world. I create powerful and customized ad campaigns for different Meta platforms. I help you plan, design, and execute ads that make your brand shine in the digital space. Boost your online visibility and reach your audience efficiently with my expert Meta Ads solutions.

Facebook ads

My Meta Ads aka Facebook ads service helps you harness the potential of digital marketing. I create effective and customized ad campaigns for different Meta platforms. I help you plan, design, and execute ads that boost your brand awareness and attract more customers. Grow your business online with my Meta Ads service.

Creatives strategy

 I create captivating visual stories that connect with your audience. I help you shape and deliver your brand story, making a strong impression. Enhance your visual appeal and engage your audience like never before with my Creatives Strategy service.


I research market trends, audience behavior, and industry insights to inform your visual strategy. I combine data and creativity to guide your visual expression. Improve your brand aesthetics and gain an edge in the market with my thorough Creatives Research service.

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As the owner of, I have been working with Haroon for over a year and I can say that he is one of the best performance marketers and brand strategists I have ever hired. He has helped us grow our online sales, increase our brand awareness, and optimize our return on investment. I highly recommend Haroon to anyone who is looking for a performance branding expert who can deliver results and value.

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About Me

Hello! I’m Haroon. A performance marketer & Meta Ads expert with 3+ years of practical experience.

I specialize in elevating brands through strategic campaigns and targeted advertising on Meta platforms. Let me guide you through the realm of digital excellence, where innovation meets measurable results.”

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